Better You in 2013 Wisdom & Lessons from Top Performers I met in 2012

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Better You in 2013: Wisdom & Lessons from Top Performers I met in 2012 and what one can carry forward to 2013.

How to be Better this 2013

A Better You is what we all are aiming for, and the Year 2012 was a happening one. Hope you achieved many of your dreams and today on the first day of the year you might be evaluating them. As we retrospect (m sure you all will sometime in the day ahead) here is a quick list of things which I carry forward for year 2013 as lessons from the top performers I met in 2012. Had the pleasure to work with some of the most hard-working people, very smart men/women, people driven by purpose, and few with passion turned obsession. Travelled across India including Kolkata, Asansol, Malda, Barasaat, Sreerampore, Indore, Varanasi, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Raipur, Pune, and Mumbai and met many interesting people which made me wiser and more accepting of the world around.

In this journey been fortunate enough to meet a few of the top performers in their respective field and they made me learn quite a few handy lessons which are inked below.

Here is the Quick List of Learning’s and lessons diluted to wisdom from top performers I met and that which one can carry forward to 2013. Hope you might like to carry few forward with you

  1. The people who are best in business spend more, much more time to learn than in leisure. That’s valid across industry, domains or expertise. Period.
  2. It’s what you do when nobody is watching matters, in fact that’s the only thing which matters. The top performers were so focused on improving themselves that they have a methodical madness in their behavior. People called them fools, insecure, jack ass and what not, but nothing absolutely nothing keep them away from their goals.
  3. Objective: Always ask what the objective of my action is. Don’t begin unless you are clear what you wish to achieve from this act of yours. The top performers begin with clarity in the goal, and as they say, “Clarity precedes mastery”.
  4. Stunningly polite. This was the biggest surprise and hard to accept but is one among the most common trait among top performers which cut across age class and stage of life. The Top performers are stunningly polite and push beyond their boundaries to remain calm.
  5. Simplify: It’s now or never. This is a critical lesson, which a top CEO taught me. He said, to know how my subordinate is doing, all I do is inspect their workstation and the drawer. The more messy your workstation, the more messy you are at work (including personal life). The Top performers have a clean plate, they take decisions then and there, as a habit they move the paper away from their table that very instant. Sign the document now, take a call on that pending piece of bill lying on your desk, make a move, act, and just don’t relax. It’s better done now or never.
  6. Excel: A very powerful thought shared by a man I admire- “Someone is going to excel in your domain this year, why not you?” Such Simple yet so powerful.
  7. Rewards vs. Work: is there a correlation? Well yes, there is, if you wish to get the reward very few get, do the things which very few are willing to do. That’s called being “to the point”.
  8. Exercise: As I move near my 30’s I see my friends going beyond proportions, which always made me rethink about what I must do. Though I am still of the same weight (74 Kg) believe you me, have still tried everything, Gymnasium, running, jogging, Treadmill, Swimming, dieting. But the best advice I got was from HR Head. He said, “Discipline and discipline alone will make you great”- sharing his insights from a Bengali movie- Kony. It’s all about sticking to one thing, something anything but the important thing is sticking daily in and out. Daily huh. Powerful advice.
  9. Speak Less Listen More. Best Performers Listen, and Listen way more than anyone else. Listen to own thoughts, and learn the art of insulating self from the rest of the world when it matters.
  10. Get up at 5:00 AM. Nothing beats this, and has been a hallmark of top performers. Come what may, this rule is no exception, never.

Best wishes for a “New YOU” this 2013.

One thought on “Better You in 2013 Wisdom & Lessons from Top Performers I met in 2012

  1. Sir Get up at 5:00 AM. is the prior thing which I am trying to capitalize on to become BETTER than the previous year.Hoping to get it soon.Rest ALL IS WELL.

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