Jab tak hai Jaan is a Burden yet irresistible

Jab tak hai Jaan is a Burden yet irresistible. This post is from a viewers viewpoint, a humble viewer who buys the Gold seat on Friday, to be entertained with pop corn, a Pepsi and lot of hopes and how Jab tak Hai Jaan just 

Jab tak hai Jaan is a Burden yet irresistible, What happens when youwalk into the best restaurant in the world, hungry, and are told that we are about to serve you a new dish by the best chef in the world? Your expectations are raised beyond limits and all you do is wait for the dish to arrive. With all the advertisements about the dish and why it is going to be the best ever made, you finally have it, and now you let your palates soak the taste… spoon after spoon but nothing great. You continue and taste more till its complete and you are left in awe – the verdict- its nothing out of the world. Its plain vanilla with everything missing which makes it great. Your inner concise starts pinching you because its something you can’t gulp and will not yearn to taste it again but wait, its not over yet, you cannot leave the table for you are expected to say its fabulous or you have to face the fear of being termed a person who do not understand the dish.

That’s where the Jab Tak hai Jaan leaves you with.

There are many challenges with the script and you can read lot of reviews from the great critics of the industry to know more. In this post lets look at answers to some questions, questions which might not be relevant in recent times but will impact the future generations of Film making.

Will we ever have anyone who understand romance the way Yash Ji did?

Will the world see actors and actresses be more than what they are capable of?

Will we ever see the intensity and passion for Love again in someone’s else story?

No No No. No one can weave majestically the green lush field, the lakes in laddakh, and show the aloofness in the wilderness, the obsession of belonging, the ignite in the eyes and the pristine beauty the way Yash Chopra had the power to. We all have eyes, but Yash Ji was the man who could see and create for the viewers that which is visibly invisible. He was the man who could add adjectives to the same words- Romance, Love and passion. Every one knows Katrina is beautiful and sexy but Yash ji shows Katrina face is a pure tale of romantic poem, that Shahrukh can have control over his obsession towards Love and Anushka has a “Fitoor” of justifying her role till its “Well done”. Shahrukh really needs to find himself and recreate for that’s what a superstar should do as this role never tests Shahrukhs ability and talent as an actor. Kartina will continue to create waves and Anushka will get more films for this performance- and don’t be surprised if she bags the filmfare for best supporting actress this year.

You can and should watch this movie with mute on, for that’s when the story will reveal itself. You do not need the dialogues, not even music ( AR Rahman at his bad day at work), you just need Yash Ji’s Camera and the pan & zoom functionality and witness the magic this man was capable of weaving.

Verdict: As a matter of fact, no one can give verdict on Yash Chopras work, not any critic not any actor. What we can do is not judge him but respect him, for all his films and stories.

Jab tak hai Jaan will be inked in history only as the last film of the great showman of Romance.

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