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Week 2- Book 2-2013 Kafka on the Shore

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Post in a tweet, “Kafka on the shore has the power to sweep you off your daily doldrums and make you relive the warmth of memories you can share with – no one but you alone- A must read”.

KAFKA ON THE SHORE: We pass through life or life passes through us, to unravel this dichotomy one needs to stand still and pierce the very dogma, blow the threads of the very aspects with which one is made of and then search for the answer. But before that, you have to define the question well.

Kafka on the Shore- by Haruki Murakami keeps the reader puzzled yet engrossed, it’s a peculiar kind of enigma which he weaves for the reader, one in which you would find solace from escaping the realism yet finding your own life as a part of this fiction.

Kafka on the Shore Haruki Murakami  at Fifthangle com

Kafka on the Shore a Book Review at Fifthangle com

Haruki Murakami is not an author of morning or night, instead he is an author of gloomy afternoon sun, a time when contradictions move hand in hand, as if they overlap and instead of fighting for a specific region, starts orbiting around the same sun.

Like a great magician who spell bound you with his tricks, the harder you try to remain out of the context the more you go about getting engulfed in the trick and before you realize you who thought to unravel the mystery behind the trick stands tricked happily, that’s the magic Haruki Murakami weaves in Kafka on the shore.

About the Story:

Kafka on the shore is a parallel story of Kafka Tamura and Satoru Nakata.

This story appears to be about two people, Mr. Nakata and Kafka Tamura, but it’s really about each one of us, of our search for the other half of our identity. There is a myth that in the beginning there were three types of people, male/male, female/female and male/female. They were cut apart, and we all spend our lives looking for our other half. Nakata and Kafka are followed on their search. There are also three minor characters that make the whole story possible, Hoshino (for Nakata) and Oshima and Miss Saeki (for Kafka).

Kafka Tamura is a 15-year-old boy who runs away from home to escape an Oedipal curse; he will murder his father, a famed sculptor with whom he lives alone, and sleep with both his sister and his mother, who abandoned him as a small boy. He runs off to a city where no one will know him and finds work in a private library run by a hermaphrodite, Oshima, owned by a mysterious a middle aged beautiful woman, Miss Saeki that may be Kafka’s mother. Meanwhile he meets a girl who may be his sister, and he rapes her in his dreams.

The other parallel story is of Satoru Nakata, an old man who lost all his memories when he was 9, while searching for Mushroom with his class mates, now has the ability to talk with cats and is destined to help close the entrance stone.  Nakata, flees from the city after killing a mysterious man, Johnny Walker (supposed to be the father of Kafka), and reaches the same city where Kafka lives, to close the Entrance stone. The Entrance stone is what separates this world with the spirit world and has to be closed.

The questions are the same, can Kafka escape the prophecy, will the Entrance stone be closed, and who opened it and what stands on the other side of the spirit world.

Why you should read?

Kafka on the shore revolves around contrasts, order vs. Chaos, soul vs. Body, interior self vs. Exterior you, the real vs. The fiction, but the beauty gazes at you when Haruki Murakami starts to blend the two ulterior motives and bring them together as a unified theme. He talks about the soul, the soul mate, and before you realize you will be dreaming about the drowsy intricacies of daily life. You will live an uncanny stillness, which you exists around us but we rarely take heed of them, like that long vacant pathway of a hotel lobby, a distant solitary walk, that symbolic word ( BB ) by the one whom you love, or the old leaf in an even older book.

Total Page: 614 . Price in India: 350 Rs.


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