Madras Cafe review: A costly Menu not recommended for all

Madras Cafe review: A costly Menu not recommended for all

Madras Cafe Review A costly Menu not recommended for all

Madras Cafe Review A costly Menu not recommended for all

Madras cafe takes away the costliest item of your life. Your time. Watch it if the story of growth and trajectory of Indian cinema merging with politics interests you.

Why do we watch movies?

The answer to this fundamental question will reveal that which we all continue to ignore happily. There are peculiar reasons why we watch movies, either to go there and free your mind, or to be intellectually stimulated probably leading to a realization of our history or future. Among these two lines lies the basic premise for which we say, the movie is good or bad.

If one takes effort and travels across the uncharted territory of human imagination, we realize that for an Indian family watching movie at a theater is like a little celebration of life. It’s a nice little get away of sort, where one wants to be entertained and go through multiple other happening moments like the new fashion stature, the gorgeous diva feeling, some breathtaking scenes and a fight sequence that completely leaves them spell bound. Basically the mass audience which pays money, they do so for the 3 F’s which is Fun, Fashion and F**k.

One might want to project that they are intellectual and belong to a different breed ( these days everyone tries for it) but in the end, 2.5 hrs of no fun, fashion and f***k after completing the 10 Hr office job is a little too much to ask from the Indian audience.

This doesn’t in anyway conveys that “Madras Cafe” is a bad movie. The movie is well made, well thought, and has moments to keep you on edge of your seat, but eventually, the menu in this Madras Cafe is too costly. If you look at the metro audience ( from where the major revenue pumps in for these movies), spends on an average 1200 Rs ( for 2 persons including the popcorn). Does Madras Cafe justifies it? Well not really.

The story line is very slow in the first half, and you keep expecting for something which is yet to arrive, only to realize…the drama is over. But when you play with the history, and in a country like India, this movie deserves an applaud to Shoojit Sarkar and John Abraham for attempting an entertainer in this genre.

Watch this if you have time, have some interest in realizing the history and are ready for a change from the mainstream indian cinema.

Rest assured, the bubbly chubbly audience of CCD and Star Bucks- from where the mass money flows into movies- might be skeptical to taste this costly Madras Cafe Coffee.

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