Do you Multitask? Why You should stop Now?

How Multitasking is Killing you

Do you Multitask? Why You should stop Now?

Do you Multitask? Why You should stop Now? : In the world which celebrates Multitasking, the reality is that the people who are making a difference are focused Single taskers. Multitasking is the newly inculcated and developed attribute of our generation which is an art of messing up everything at the same time. The article shares observation on multitasking at workplace and life and why you will be better at everything by being single tasker. The article also provides insights and 7 action point steps you can take right away to get more done.

What is Multitasking and how it is killing you

Multitasking, simply put, is about trying to concentrate on more than one thing at a time. From small act of shuffling between one project to another, to multiple tabs opened in your browser ( which never get read ), to listening music while jogging, to talking on phone while chatting on Facebook, to Texting while driving ( the no.1 cause of accident, so much so that Honda did a campaign against it. Click here to see the campaign) are some of the many examples of Multitasking. In a recent article by Amy Williams on Teenology titled- Is Media multitasking shrinking our kids brain? schools in developed countries have begun to take specific measures like creating Dead Zones – Net not allowed, to No Wi-fi Zones. This is not only the challenge with the kids, multitasking is now deeply engrained in our system and in fact is our lifestyle.

In a recent research done by research agency Nielsen- it was found that 69% of the people watch the TV and Surf the internet simultaneously- i.e multitasking. The data is skewed towards 25-44 age bracket, the ones who are high on wallet size and are constantly bombarded with advertisement.

The Perils of Multitasking

Multitasking is a brain drain activity that leave you stressed, angry, and everything you do not want to be. It sucks away your cognitive resources, depletes your sharpness and leave you wandering, yet we as a society are constantly trying to create multi-taskers and end up creating people with a peculiar disease termed DAF. DAF or Directed Attention Fatigue is a disease with common symptoms of:

  • Distractibility
  • Irritability
  • Impatience
  • Indecisiveness
  • Difficulty starting and finishing tasks.

If one or more of these challenges are now an ingrained part of your life, welcome to the club of Multitaskers. Let’s understand what all happens when you Multi-task.

Multi-tasking takes away your Brain capacity basically hitting your cognitive abilities.

Cognition- in science is the set of all mental abilities and processes related to knowledge: attention, memory and working memory, judgment and evaluation, reasoning and “computation” etc. Human cognition is conscious and unconscious, concrete or abstract, as well as intuitive (like knowledge of a language) and conceptual (like a model of a language). Cognitive processes use existing knowledge and generate new knowledge.

So In a more generalized terms, three specific actions happens when you Multi-task.


When you multitask your Cognitive load increases and eventually leads to depletion of working memory.

This bird called cognition has an extended arm called- Cognitive load which refers to the total amount of mental effort being used in the working memory. As humans it is believed that we have a 7 digit working memory often referred as Magical Number seven in a much applauded research paper by Dr. Miller titled, Magical Number Seven plus or minus two ( Read more about Magical number seven here.) The crux: When you multitask your Cognitive load increases and eventually leads to depletion of working memory.


Multitasking not only makes you slower but it actually changes the way your brain operates, in fact it splits your brain in equal half.

The moment you need to pay attention, an area toward the front of the brain called the prefrontal cortex springs to action. This area, which spans the left and right sides of the brain, is part of the brain’s motivational system. In an experiment, scientists observed that for two tasks under equal reward system, the brain splits itself in half and the task with higher ROI takes edge over the attention span thus net effect: a slower brain functioning.


Ok, agree or not this is the serious threat. Researchers at the University of Sussex in the UK compared the amount of time people spend on multiple devices (such as texting while watching TV- remember your whatsapp during the latest TV show) to MRI scans of their brains. Look at the Simultaneous Usage Insights between Tablets TV vs Smartphones and TV.

The results will pop your eyes. 41% use their tablets at least once a day while watching TV and 39% use smartphones. These set of people, the so called High multitaskers in the MRI scans showed less brain density in the anterior cingulate cortex, a region responsible for empathy as well as cognitive and emotional control.


So if Now you understand and agree that Multitasking is an addiction and many of us are totally addicted to it, what can you do? Is there a way out?

Well yes, read on for Insights to being Single Tasker

Lessons from Julie Morgenstern, a productivity expert and author of bestseller Time Management from the Inside Out. Julie is dubbed as the “queen of putting people’s lives in order” by USA Today. Also, the renowned Neuro scientist Daniel J Levitin , author of famous book ” The organised mind”

Here are the insights

1. Build Screen Brakes:

Build 2-3 hours of continuous screen brakes in your day, which actually leads you to put your time into different type of problem solving, like studying, thinking, talking etc. The more the Screen Brakes in your work and personal time, the better you get out of habit of multitasking.

2. Protect First and Last Hour of the Day:

Julie argues that the critical hour of your day is the first and last hour. Checking emails and whatsapp messages first thing in morning, aha there begin your fall down. First and Last hour of the day is the most critical to avoiding multitasking. Try to wake up more engaged and doing the exercise/meditation first thing will help you get more of the day.

3. Have an Action Plan for the day:

Plan your day +1 in advance. Tackle the Big challenges of the day early on, so that when urgency and not so important task pops up and your cognitive load increases, you would have already managed your focused work.

4. Remove Distractions:

The biggest challenge in a work space is you immersed in your work and a co-worker pops up with his problem, or a email from your boss, or the FB notification or your Whatsapp message. all eying for your attention and thats the time when you begin multitasking. Create a zone of No distractions. Its actually simple, Check emails thrice in the day. Morning, Afternoon and Before leaving. Put your phone in a Do not disturb Mode for 3 hour zones. As per the Neuro scientists, Just these simple step will reduce your distractions by 70%.

5. Reduce Switching:

The big wastage in Multitasking happens when you switch from one task to another. From Phone call, to Email, to Text, to Meeting, to Taking notes, to deciding the money matters. One effective solution is grouping these task together thus reducing the switching time.This reduces the effort brain puts in deciding which tasks to do when and starts randomizing.

6. Say NO:

So you cannot avoid your boss coming in and giving you work. Not many can and that’s a part of life. But what you can do is move this task to your bucket of attention in Next hour and get back to the task in hand. For other saying a NO to switch attention is a habit one need to inculcate.

7. Maximize Focus:

Like the Prime time in Television, have your own prime time, which is dedicated and disciplined time to invest on a single project. Putting a timeline like getting up only when the project is done is a great way to maximize your focus in a time constrained situation.

So to Sum Up:

A. Multitasking is Bad for you- your brain, your health and Life.

B. To re-calibrate yourself from the addiction of Multitasking use the following techniques:

1. Have Screen Brake time

2. Protect First and Last hour of the Day

3. Have an Action Plan for the day

4. Remove Distractions

5. Reduce Switching

6. Say NO

7. Maximize Focus

Start Single Tasking. Best of Luck.

The Author is Sr. Brand Manager of India’s largest Online Marketplace .A Gold Medalist from Mudra Institute of Communication, and an alumnus of National Institute of Technology, his areas of interest includes understanding human evolution with technology thus crafting Marketing Strategies in sync with the changing world.

Photo courtesy: akravmagalife

Your World is changing: Are you?

Your World is changing: Are you? Do you feel you are stuck in career and you Hate your Job and have no clue what to do? The article explores How the Economy is causing tectonic shift eradicating the concept of employees and what you need in this changing times.

(Download Link below for One page checklist for Daily Practice Chart)

Your World is changing Are you Cubicle

Your World is changing Are you Cubicle

What is happening around You?

People around you are living the life you dream of,  they are taking the exotic vacations, traveling to places and locations seen only in the wallpaper of your office laptop ( in case marketing or HR has still not realized to use it as an advertising tool and hijacked it through IT), your friends now have bought luxury property in the happening city of the country, they are with the girl/guy of their dreams, basically everyone around you, except you is better off.

So how really was the last year?

You spent the entire last year working, arriving on time to office, putting your best foot forward, accepting everything your boss told you, ensured he looked good in front of his boss, you extended your weekly 45 Hour week job ( 9X5) to 55 Hour week Job; stayed over ( yes! you are the most hardworking individual ) only to learn that the medal of this hard work is an A grade ( sometimes not even that ) and the difference between the A grader and the C grader is mere 3%. Now look at that as a calculation. Consider your package as 10lacs/yr. and you are an A grader, so you got 12% increment in the salary ( which is 1.2 lacs per annum increase) while the C Grader got a 9% ( 90 thousand per annum) so the basic difference you calculate is 30k for one year ( am not calculating the taxes and other major component of your salary which you don’t understand).

But to be fair, that’s a wrong comparison. You should compare yourself with your own self. So lets look at it this way. 10 Hrs extra every week ( 55 hrs vs 45 hrs we discussed at top) for 52 weeks makes it 520 hours extra.

This 520 Hours extra=30k Rs.

Your 520 Hours for a 30 k. Hows that for a mathematical comparison. ( reiterating that this comes from the belief that comparing yourself with others is a sad way to life so we compare our hours with our self as benchmark). Let’s not get into the details of how this meager 30 k leaves you more restless, makes you forget family, friends and your personal goals and oh yes, you just happened to break your phone last month while driving hurriedly to office and you had to ( not wished to or planned to) buy a 40k phone ( yep you got to keep up the battle of first there).

3 Key points to realize before it gets too late

1. Security is dead:

All those house, investment schemes, Retirement plan stuff you have taken ( if not then don’t) will not suffice once you reach at that stage. Just to a plain calculation of inflation and you will understand the mathematics. So you bought 3 houses in the capital of your country, and you believe that will be enough for you. Take a Bow.

2. No Full Time Workers:

There is no single sector in the economy which is going for 100% full time workers. Everyone is looking for Contract employees. We are moving towards a society without employees.

3. Golden Watch & your retirement Plans

You are the biggest fool if you believe that they ( companies) will make you work for 30 years, then pay you hefty amount as you retire, organize a farewell party, everyone will look keenly at you what words of wisdom you have to say, they will give you a shawl and a golden watch and your pension ( doesn’t exist now in most corporates) will be sufficient enough to pay all your debts and bills and health policies. This is past and the sooner you accept it the better your chances of a smiling life because you will understand it is important to act.

What you can do in this Changing scenario?

First and foremost, put yourself in solitude and believe in what is written above. Go through it once again and connect the dots of your life and it wont take much for you to realize how true it is. Second, don’t worry but be warned and take action, because if you don’t no one help. Don’t believe in the lie that one day, someone- some random organization, head, business will come and choose you and say, here, you are our superman, save us. It’s not going to happen in this life for sure. Not with you anyway. You have to begin to find that thing which makes you joyful, the art which you can share with the world.

The Other 2 Option

Option 1:

Stay there if You are in a job which makes you happier, a boss who is always going to make you look good, who helps you in every part of life, who is dedicated and will go extra lengths just to ensure you are giving your best.

Option 2:

Stay in a Job you hate, with a boss who is trying his best to keep you down ( don’t worry he doesn’t hate you, but he has no choice, even his boss is doing the same to him and it’s nothing but a food chain) and the paychecks which are going to come once in a year, and are insufficient to fulfill all your needs, forget about the dreams.

The Bottom Line: Go for your dreams, because this is the time of your life, and you and you alone can do something about it. Accepting this will not only change you, but will change your world forever. As the title says: Your world is changing: Are you?

What I don’t want you to do?

Don’t leave your job, We all have our bills to pay, our EMI’s and festivals. Not necessarily be an entrepreneur and start a business, not everyone can do that ( everyone can but not everyone believes in it).

Do this?

Develop your own stream of things and work which are not related to your current skill sets. If you are a Banker, and have interest in cooking, how about giving 5 hours a week to being the chef at a star hotel. ( Don’t give back the bullshit I don’t know anyone who can help me, remember, no one is going to ever come and pick you, go figure out a way and yes, you can always be a helping hand). If you are a Marketeer, and have interest in painting, why not give 5 hours to assist a master painter and develop your skills on that. This won’t start paying you right away, at times it will take years ( and you thought months) but if you persist you will for sure reach a tipping point, cross the critical mass required to pass the gravitational pull. Remember your 520 Hours, that extra 30k or a more richer life ( don’t worry, money will follow trust the masters of the world on that).

Daily Practice Chart

And how to find that amazing success:  By daily following the steps which can empower you in this direction. Below is the one page template, sort of checklist which will help you find that amazing success that will help you come out of that hole. This is self explanatory and you can use this as a checklist to get the best results for yourself and your friends.

Hope to see you at the top. You can download the high res pdf of same by clicking the link below.


Your World is Changing Are you by Abhinna Suresh Khare Fifthangle




10 book challenge

10 book challenge

10 book challenge

Here is the List

1. Alchemist:

You have to travel the distance before you realize that the treasure is buried where you started and Yes! The Journey is the Treasure.

2. Gunahon Ke Devta:

Love never goes away, it’s the feeling which burns with your soul till you die…and probably after.

3. Kafka on the Shore:

We pass through life or life passes through us, to unravel this dichotomy one needs to stand still and pierce the very dogma, blow the threads of the very aspects with which one is made of and then search for the answer. But before that, you have to define the question well.

4. 48 Laws of Power:

Every Law worth your time to Ponder. Specially the 48th: Be Like water, take the shape of container.

5. Notes to Myself:

All my life, I made everything complicated. The fact is everything is simple: When its time to Love, Love…when its time to work…work…problem is we are never doing that which is meant to be done at that moment

6. All Marketers are Liars

The fact  is all good Marketers are Story Tellers, and you need to have a compelling story for which consumer will buy your product.

7. The Art of Choosing:

How much control do we really have over what we choose? Sheena Iyengar’s award-winning research reveals that the answers are surprising and profound. Want to make Better decisions. Read this

8. Made to Stick:

The Best Book you will ever read for making your every word and action memorable. How and what to do to ensure everything Sticks. Most profound

9. Essentialism:

Essentialism- the disciplined pursuit of less, recent but going to be a classic.

Greg Mckeown tells you why you are often Busy but not productive. This book will not teach you to do less, or get more done in less time, it will tell you how to get only the right things done. Essentialism is the movement whose time has come.

10. Rework:

What you really need to do is stop talking and start working. This book shows you the way. All My entrepreneur friends, here is one single recommendation. Don’t Miss.


Rules of the Game How to speed up your career

Rules of the Game How to speed up your career

To steer pass the challenges in your career, read this Book

To steer pass the challenges in your career, read this Book

Are you stuck in your career? Does your daily job sucks? Is it hard to work and create an impactful work and career? Do you feel your work provides you with almost no opportunity to grow and make an impact? Feel stuck at networking.
If answer to any of the above question is YES, then this is the book for you.
Rules of the Game – The Book considers Developing a career as a game and does equip you with strategies to make it to the next level.
Rules of the Game helps you take control of your career by being aware and continuously prepared for changes and opportunities.

Understand the games people play, how to make your path towards the peak of your career, how to stay at the top of your game, and what practices the best in the domain use to keep updated about their work industry.

Rules of the Game by Dr. Sumit D Chowdhury will change the way you have thought of your career and will equip you with tools that will take you to newer heights.

This book will help you to:

  • Craft a deliberately impactful career instead of wandering and being accidentally impactful.
  • Achieve long-term goals through short-term milestones
  • Transform your thinking to become personally responsible for your career
  • Develop teamwork, network and leadership skills effortlessly
  • Take control over your actions, reactions and thinking processes in each and every interaction in life
  • Improve your empathy, etiquette and communication skills

Highway – Will take you and take a leave

Highway – Will take you and take a leave:

What happens when you seek the answer to the illusive question, If I am then Who I is?

Highway- Will take you and take your leave

Highway- Will take you and take your leave

Imagine its late night, let’s say a cold late night and you are on this old truck. The Truck moves in a pace which resembles the pace of a lullaby , the two lane road with darkness around. It’s kind of cold, as the waves start enticing you with its power ful thurst on your face, you decide to take a more confined place inside that little space and then once you get accustomed to your displacement, you smell the soil, the soil which is moist. There is no rain, and that makes you think that its because of the fog, which has decided to fall on soil and suddenly you notice a drop of water from your eyes, and it gets so cold that it touches you deep down. Now you sit, displaced yet comfortable, seeking answer to an illusive question, is the smell because of the fog on soil or is it because of the tears on my soul. A question whether it was the past which was better that I can live in it for some more time or is the present which holds promise for the future.
Two things happen at this juncture. Surprise and Interesting. Surprisingly, all this doesn’t involves the presence of other person, and interestingly it makes you loose who you are and who you were. Its a very strange yet unique point, which is beyond what you are, what you were and what you can be. Just a sense of pause.
Highway is an incredible story, but probably a beauty if it is in novel. Yes, Imtiaz Ali is right when he wrote this dream story ( 15 years back), it was a story in his mind close to his heart. Over the time, the infiltration happened and somehow that which was crystal clear got slightly tarnished by the desire to push the river. Probably that what makes all of us human.
Alia Bhatt is good, but doesn’t make me feel like she is the goddess who has arrived on earth and has blessed the Bollywood industry like the most reviewers are saying. Randip Hooda, is comfortable being Haryanvi but then where the word is “Love” in here, probably my limited experiences doesn’t allow me to see that which Imtiaz Ali tried to create. I missed the chemistry between lovers, even not between self.
Interestingly most girls will love this movie, all SEC AB types, who live in these posh areas Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore Kolkata, search for their perfect prince charming, go to gym to remain fit, shop more pose more talk more and then hate people more. They relate to this Alia……..who wants this FRESH air so much so that making a home at the top of a secluded mountain is all this young lady dreamt of.
Made me laugh, how miserable and naive we have made our lovely ladies. This super achievers big shot girls who have learned all possible Kung-Fu and self-help techniques, suddenly becomes so fragile, makes me feel miserable. The one who runs away but return to the same set of goons (one who few hours back was ready to sell her in brothel, the other was trying to touch her in all possible parts) and starts finding solace- saying Yahn accha lag raha hai. But made me smile too, because hats off Imtiaz ali Sir for discovering and looking at today’s woman so sharply. Sad but truth, man might be worse but there is hope you see.
Anyway, in short and crisp, this Highway takes you somewhere you dreamt and desired, though it doesn’t make sense, but then, do we as generation is searching for the sense in our acts. Well we all have our answers.
Watch this movie for A R Rahman, he knows that to be connected with the music he has to disconnect from the world, and hence he makes you connected with your- SELF.
Watch this movie for Imtiaz Ali Sir, for you dare to tell the story filled with sharp nuances, slaps and laughs at today’s generations yet making them feel you are their best director. Give a miss if you are being YOU. As I mentioned, this Highway – Will take you and take a leave.      

20 BAD Habits which are stopping your growth and 7 step process to correct them

20 BAD Habits which are stopping your growth and 7 step process to correct them.

20 BAD Habits which are stopping your growth and other wisdom from What got you here won’t take you there Book Review. So the new year started and also the new challenges. How interesting life is, we all get a fair chance, most of us,  to be the best we can be. Being best calls for developing certain set of traits, reaching to that goal you have always dreamt of requires a particular set of qualities and skills which will enable you to reach where you want to be. But

20 BAD Habits

20 BAD Habits

there is also a flip side to it, at times, you need not develop new skills but actually give up some of them to propel further. Marshall Goldsmith, the master coach, who is featured as the top 50 Thinkers in management stream has some serious advice for the people who are looking to grow themselves. A book published in January 2007, has lot to offer when it comes to serious advice for people who are serious about growing themselves to next level. What got you here won’t get you there, contains the wisdom highlighting those bad habits we as managers develop over time which eventually hamper our growth and must be rectified to make to the next level. Below are few of the nuggets of wisdom from the book. But before that here are 20 BAD Habits

1. The need to win at all cost: Every argument ( even a small one) is taken as the big mahabharata which must be won at all cost.

2.Too much value addition: the inner desire to add value to everything, just about everything.

3. Rating others: Judging them, the need to put your personal standards on everyone else.

4. Sarcasm: the needless comment

5. Starting with NO, BUT, HOWEVER

6. Withholding information as long as you can

7. I am very smart you see, “Telling the world how smart you are” at every opportunity.

8. “Explaining too much”, let me tell you why that won’t work.

9. Speaking when angry: the need to manage subordinates by anger

10. I cannot praise: the inability to praise or reward someone for their work.

11. Claiming credit for everything that is not yours.

12. You know my glorious past

13. Excuse: for everything which went wrong

14. No Regret: refusing it totally

15. Playing favorites always: means playing unfair too.

16. No Gratitude:

17. I am not responsible: playing the blame game

18. Punishing the messenger

19. An excessive need to be “Me”.

20. Not listening: oh I can’t listen to everything.

The higher your level of success, the more destructive your bad habits become. Many more brilliant eye opening insights in the book. Do take time and read. You can follow a simple, seven-step procedure to cure a bad workplace habit.

  1. The best method for identifying areas of strength and weakness is “360-degree feedback.”
  2. An apology serves three purposes.
    1. It claims responsibility for past mistakes.
    2. It announces your commitment to change.
    3. It works as an agreement between both parties.
  3. Just saying you’re sorry for past behavior is not enough. You must announce loudly and clearly, again and again, that you are committed to making a change.
  4. Great leaders listen attentively and make the person they are listening to feel like the most important person in the room.
  5. Conveying sincere gratitude by saying “Thank you” is a talent and an asset.
  6. Real, lasting change cannot occur without follow-up, which allows you to measure your improvement and reminds people that you’re working on changing.
  7. Seeking feed forward is a four-step process.
    1. Choose a behavior you would like to change.
    2. Have a one-on-one conversation with someone to explain your desire for making this change.
    3. Ask that person for two suggestions about how you can make the change.
    4. Accept these suggestions as feed forward ideas you will implement.

    Repeat this process over and over with different people.


13 Life lessons from 2013

13 Life lessons from 2013. 2013 was an eventful year. As I journeyed across the sun, one full revolution, here are the 13 Key learning’s to take away from 2013.

” Any fool can know, the point is to Understand”- Albert Einstein

“There is divine beauty in learning… To learn means to accept the postulate that life did not begin at my birth” – Ellie Wiesel

13 Life lessons from 2013

           13 Life lessons from 2013

13. Positive thinking will not give you anything you want.

“The Secret” you were sold, the “Think and grow rich schemes” you buy in, they cannot give you anything you want. They all can, however, give you everything positive that negative thinking won’t. So better than thinking positive is “Act Positive”.
This year had its own beauty, met many wonderful people, and equally wonderfully awful people. What was most amazing was everyone was sold with the thought of “Thinking positive” , and for once it was to the extent that a friend of mine lost his car and he said, No I do not wish to go to police station, there must be something positive.
Last 12 months, personally were more like living the indecision and not acting enough. There were endless stories which mind was filled with, lot happening in professional and personal front, which eventually hit the spiritual life. What the key message I take away was Don’t just think positive “Act Positive”. There is something very very incredible about “Action” the man who does. Next time you are confused and stuck, just take a decision and Act, eventually it will be all right.

12. Calmness is the lethal weapon you must have in your Armour.

Admit it, we are creatures who are in constant comparisons, relativity is what keeps us burning as well as alive.You may encounter certain species who will say they do not care about grades, but lets face it, you work hard, you expect the promotion. And if you are breathing in a professional environment proving your work better than someone else is the need of the hour. In this ruckus of daily mine and yours, what I lost was the calmness. Saying I lost is not enough, probably I never had the calmness. This year was able to take one day of complete silentness, observed silentness and lived it. For one day, din’t took a phone call, dint uttered a word, and trust you me, this is euphoric.
It begins by being positive, to being miserable and leaves you with acute power.
Two key takeaways, just let your face not be strained next time you hear someone shouting, raising voice or abusing, don’t loose your calm.

As Dalai Lama said, “The greater the level of calmness of our mind, the greater our peace of mind, the greater our ability to enjoy a happy and be joyful.”

11. Change the orbit change the haters.

We all have people who hate us, and its absolutely marvelous to be hated because they help you not act like god. Life for us is a routine, and breaking away from this routine is what we yearn for ( these weekends love). And we are able to do it once in a while, just to be back to same state same revolutions. The best thing you can do to yourself is evolve from the daily revolutions, and there is one way I have discovered on how to change orbits.
The one thing is, go forth and do work of international standard. Set your standards and then break them, improve, better on your older self.
If you are in job, push yourself harder, do much more than what you are paid for and soon you will be paid more than what you do.
Change your orbit before you are lost in the same place.

10. Chaos loves us: better start loving it unconditionally.    
Remember the murphy law, the last minute additions, how good you plan, the last minute things will kick in, they are going to happen. But heres a trick you can use to trick this chaos.
Keep aside a specific time for tackling chaos. This might be an hour a day, or a day for your project. Love chaos and you will be loved less. Both cannot love, one has to repel.

9. Be tough or face a tough life.

It boils down to pretty simple truth: If you can be tough on yourself, life is going to be infinitesimally easier on you. And yes, that’s truth, accept it, or belong to a group who say they are going through big trouble.

8. Hard work ( neither Smart work) is the Key to success:

Every donkey works hard, every monkey tries to work smartly, but neither are respected in the market. Its the Horse which gets the best bet, every wondered why. Realize that Horse is not taught to shake hands or say hello, or bring news papers, that’s what dog does ( and offcourse we are not born to be dogs). Horse does one thing, he runs, and he prepares to run, he is fed to run, he is rested before run. He is disciplined animal, and so its the discipline which is the key to success.
You cannot eat that cookie and expect to be slim, you cannot have that extra drink and think of being worldclass athlete.
Discipline and discipline alone will make you what you are born for.

7. Goals and Plans are not just keywords

Most people don’t plan very few have goals. Why? because its tough to sit with yourself and think and break it down to achievable goals.
Take the pain of planning, and you will avoid the pain of being lost.

6. Authority doesn’t come with Designation

Authority doesnt come with designation, it comes from helping people get what they want. The quote of Zig Ziglar is apt, ” You can get everything you want in life, if you just help enough people, get, what they want”.
So help people what they want, but keep your set of principles intact. Someone can be the head of the heads in a company, but what beyond that. There is a world out there which doesnt respect any designation, any experience any card. It respects work and the way you are.
You got to set your principles in place and must protect those principles irrespective of who says what. You might get hurt a few times, but people will respect you for what you are and you will reach places.
Invest in people, and not in designations.

5.  Stop Multitasking

Stop multitasking, trust me on this, you can get much more done in a day by focusing on just one task at hand rather than trying to multitask every project. Stop that mobile data connection for an hour, put your outlook on offline mode for 3 hours loop, mute those watsapp group messages, and focus on one task in hand.

4. Read more, but specific

“So what do you read?” asked my friend, and I showed him the book I was reading ” Malcom Gladwell, David & Goliath”. She says, “Oh you only read business books, I like reading fiction”. I said, ” Even Fiction is interesting” which one have you read recently.
” Any thing for you Mam!, a Love story”.
Wow, I said, and that was our last conversation.
Am not against reading fiction, nor on reading such books, but in the age we are, and if you are ambitious, you are always time strapped. Anything you do, will either advance you in your career or will keep you stuck were you are.
I suggest reading things, which either motivates you for the day, or aid you to see things in a different life.
If one of the two things is happening by reading “Anything for you Mam”! Please continue doing it.

3. Invest in yourself: Professional: PAY FOR IT

I could not do this, but feel this is crucial. What set of traits or characterstics have you added/enhanced in this year which makes you more joyful. Is it some new skill at job, a spiritual course , a silent retreat, a new training ( company training not included ).
The reason I insit on Paying is, if you pay from your own pocket, you take the responsibility of giving your best.

2. Time Changes and it changes everything.
People topple from position, business takes new twist, life changes upside down. What remains with you, is how you have made people felt about themselves, that’s what they remember forever.
Some people are never pleased, some people think of themselves as too aristocrat, some are filled with ego, some with knowledge which raises eyebrows.
The really great ones, are easily accessible, constantly update themselves and are looking to make a impact with their work rather than dwelling in pity issues of life.
They understand that time changes and it changes everything, so time must not change the way you are treated by others.

And the last

1. In life, there will, always be the one you cannot have.


What has been your key learning’s in 2013? You can comment in post.

Ram-Leela weaves many moments of exceptionally brilliant pause

Aao zara ek shaam ke kone ko pakdo tum…main thaamta hoon doosre ko
Aankhon se karni hai baatein kayeee… Kehno ko hai bacha kuch bhi nahi
RamLeela Fifthangle Dance of Peacock

RamLeela Dance which depicts the moment Love finds you

Aao zara ek shaam ke kone ko pakdo tum…main thaamta hoon doosre ko
Aankhon se karni hai baatein kayeee… Kehno ko hai bacha kuch bhi nahi

Ram-Leela weaves many moments of exceptionally brilliant pause

Have you ever fell in Love?
If you ask this question to any one around the world, many will take a momentary pause ( as they picture their loved one ) and will say…Yes I did.
What’s important here is not the Yes with happiness or the No along with a dash of sadness, but what’s most important is the momentary pause, that pause between the question and the answer, that momentary pause, which fills itself, like air fills the vacuum, occupied by moments of stories , skipping of a heart beat …
that’s where life happens and that’s what this article is about.
Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Ram-Leela succeeds in creating that pause, it builds on you like love builds during those moments…moments which are very rare.
I don’t know if you understand paintings as an art, or have visited an art gallery. Often I have witnessed people trying hard to understand an art form, amusingly what appears to the world as just random lines, very few are able to understand, decipher, live and appreciate that painting. It’s not that the painting has changed, but unless one has the experience to understand the enigma associated with that art, it is really very hard to just figure out, let alone understand and appreciate the painting. That’s what happens in the film, the scenes between Ram-Leela weaves that painting, Deepika and Ranveer creates those moments which one can only understand if they have felt that love, importantly that tinge of pain and pleasure associated only with love.
Only Love can bring this Smile

Only Love can bring this Smile

If you are lucky, you can relive those moments in your memories of talking endlessly on phone till morning with the one, or in the moments of holding someone even if you are distance apart.
If you are really lucky, you can relive those moments inside an old diary which smells of rose, or in an old lamp post near the home, a broken bench, a rusted gift wrapper, a flower on the cigarette packet, or an old photograph.
If you are among the blessed few, the hugely lucky ones, then you can relive those moments when you just think of that person and your cell phone rings, or when you look at mirror and he smiles back at you, or when you smell yourself she breathes your fragrance, or when you just hold him you discover yourself melting.
It all happens in few moments, the only trouble is the moment you try to define and put it into words, it looses its meaning. It is not that one cannot explain it but you see there are certain meanings that are lost forever the moment they are explained in words. So, what am saying is you can only experience it, in the form it has touched you ( Lucky, very lucky and the blessed few), and hence Ram-Leela for few might be a beautiful expression of love and for others might just be a nonsense mashup of sexyness/ rowdyness. So, if you do not happen to understand the moments ( like how can the first meet during Holi was enough for Leela to accept Ram in her bedroom, and how on earth a girl can do Dhishkyaaun song the very next day )…then don’t worry…my sympathies are with you for we all are not equally fortunate and blessed. I so wish this ever happen to you.
The Moment of Pause..if you are Lucky
Love is not like water, it don’t necessarily flow in the shortest possible distance, it moves with its own pace, pace which is beyond the periphery of our understanding. It revolves and evolves but one cannot come back, because the river has changed. Life and death are not two sides of coin, death as we are made to understand is the other side of life, but in truth, Death is part of Life, a beautiful part.
Yes, there are broken narratives, too many stories at one go, at times no story at all, but that’s how a painting is. If you only look at the sky, it appears blue, but if you remove the sun, it becomes black. What’s crucial is not how the painting happens to be, but how you happen to look at it, and importantly if you have the patience to keep looking at it for long, trust me over time, it will start gazing back at you, and when this will happen, if at all it happens, it will be magical. At this moment I recall words of Haruki Murakami
“If you can love someone with your whole heart, even one person, then there’s salvation in life. Even if you can’t get together with that person.”
Ram-Leela, Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s third attempt ( after Guzaarish and Saawariyaan ) to paint a story in his canvas hits many right chord in moments. It encapsulates many stories, in moments, leaving many things to be felt rather than expressed. No, the movie does lack many things and will not be among the greatest, but it does paint a beautiful picture, a painting not everyone will buy but those who will, will definitely cherish this piece of art.

Dooriyon se Ehsaas ka rishta purana hai, kahani ka aadha hissa mera aadha tumhara hai

Likhe toh kayee khat the tumhe humnein lekin, bejha wahi jinmein likha tere naam ke siva kuch bhi nahin

Madras Cafe review: A costly Menu not recommended for all

Madras Cafe review: A costly Menu not recommended for all

Madras Cafe Review A costly Menu not recommended for all

Madras Cafe Review A costly Menu not recommended for all

Madras cafe takes away the costliest item of your life. Your time. Watch it if the story of growth and trajectory of Indian cinema merging with politics interests you.

Why do we watch movies?

The answer to this fundamental question will reveal that which we all continue to ignore happily. There are peculiar reasons why we watch movies, either to go there and free your mind, or to be intellectually stimulated probably leading to a realization of our history or future. Among these two lines lies the basic premise for which we say, the movie is good or bad.

If one takes effort and travels across the uncharted territory of human imagination, we realize that for an Indian family watching movie at a theater is like a little celebration of life. It’s a nice little get away of sort, where one wants to be entertained and go through multiple other happening moments like the new fashion stature, the gorgeous diva feeling, some breathtaking scenes and a fight sequence that completely leaves them spell bound. Basically the mass audience which pays money, they do so for the 3 F’s which is Fun, Fashion and F**k.

One might want to project that they are intellectual and belong to a different breed ( these days everyone tries for it) but in the end, 2.5 hrs of no fun, fashion and f***k after completing the 10 Hr office job is a little too much to ask from the Indian audience.

This doesn’t in anyway conveys that “Madras Cafe” is a bad movie. The movie is well made, well thought, and has moments to keep you on edge of your seat, but eventually, the menu in this Madras Cafe is too costly. If you look at the metro audience ( from where the major revenue pumps in for these movies), spends on an average 1200 Rs ( for 2 persons including the popcorn). Does Madras Cafe justifies it? Well not really.

The story line is very slow in the first half, and you keep expecting for something which is yet to arrive, only to realize…the drama is over. But when you play with the history, and in a country like India, this movie deserves an applaud to Shoojit Sarkar and John Abraham for attempting an entertainer in this genre.

Watch this if you have time, have some interest in realizing the history and are ready for a change from the mainstream indian cinema.

Rest assured, the bubbly chubbly audience of CCD and Star Bucks- from where the mass money flows into movies- might be skeptical to taste this costly Madras Cafe Coffee.

The Oath of Vayuputras Amish Tripathi Book Review

The Oath of Vayuputras Amish Tripathi Book Review 

Week 10- Book 5-2013 

The Oath of Vayuputras Amish Tripathi Book Review at Fifthangle dot com

The Oath of Vayuputras Amish Tripathi Book Review at Fifthangle dot com

The Oath of Vayuputras Amish Tripathi Book Review.

Post in a Tweet, “Everything that’s good will eventually turn into evil, our role is to perfect the timing.”

The Challenge of relative good The Oath of Vayuputras by Amish Tripathi Book Review. Har Har mahadev, god is in everyone. We live in times where pace and timing are most critical. But with too many moments to cherish, one often tends to stand on a point when the choice is between something which is better than the good around. Take a relatively easier example, what should I watch, Sachin batting Continue reading